APEX brought to you by Just Track It

The world’s 1st real time driver feedback system using advanced artificial intelligence

What the APEX tells you:

  • The APEX provides real time feedback on how close your current performance on track is to the theoretical limit which can be achieved at that moment, at that point on the track
  • The display shows a ratio of your current performance against the theoretic limit using a red light/green light display. A glance at the display immediately shows your current performance against that theoretical limit
  • Mostly green and you are near the limit, mostly red and you can push harder by either accelerating, braking or cornering harder
  • You adjust your driving to maximize performance using the world’s 1st artificial intelligence track coach as an indicator of where you can increase performance

How the APEX works:

  • The APEX uses inertial measurements and GPS to model your driving ability, your car and the track you are on in real time collecting 12,000 data points per second
  • The APEX builds a model of your car (tires, aero, power, balance) as you drive it around the track
  • The APEX unit itself mounts to a baseplate which can be attached to the dash-top using a 3M adhesive. The APEX does not need to be connected to the car in any other way
  • The companion phone app functions as a data logger (lap time, heat map of each lap) and a controller for the unit. The apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play (the android app does not show post session data or record lap times currently)

Why you want an APEX:

  • Only available in car system which will provide instant driver feedback
  • Simple to use intuitive display translates data into usable information for the driver
  • Instant and immediate feedback allows for driver adjustments creating improvements on track
  • Provides the driver with the ability to make better decisions on course

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