What are Just Track It’s requirements for instructors?

When we look for excellence in an HPDE organization, we look at the Instructors first. At Just Track It, we pride ourselves on enlisting and developing top-quality instructors. The Instructor is the first line of defense. They are a student’s first impression and an example to all of the other run groups, having impact from the bottom to the top. We are deeply committed to having the best possible Instructors for our Novice drivers. For that reason, we publish the following qualifications:

  • Instructor must hold an instructor certificationwe accept the JTI MSF2 Instructor Clinic, NASA, BMWCCA, PCA, MSF Level 2, and we also recognize instructors with experience from a few other HPDE organizations that we know have a commitment to excellence in driver instruction. 
  • Instructor must be an advanced level driver with enough actual HPDE experience running in the advanced run group along with their instructor certification.
  • Instructor must use an in-car communicatorChatterbox, Speedcom, Trac-Com, or any other brand that allows easy, clear communication with helmets on and windows down at speed.
  • Instructor must put their student’s track time ahead of their own and prioritize their student– If that means coming off the track a couple of laps early in order for the student not to miss any of their time on track, so be it. 
  • The instructor must be a “model citizen” and walk the talk – that means treating other drivers on track and in the paddock with courtesy and respect and following event rules to a T!
  • Instructors must complete an evaluation on their student immediately following the event – evaluations are crucial to assess the student’s progression and are used to pair/assign them in the future.
  • The Instructor is expected to be a positive ambassador of Just Track It and this hobby and takes responsibility for representing us in a friendly and encouraging light to their student.  

What are the benefits of being a Just Track It Instructor?

  • No registration fee – no event fee, membership fee, annual fee or any fee whatsoever! 
  • Only assigned one student – occasionally we have a novice split their sessions with another driver in the same car so in those cases you may end up with two students but, it is still the same number of sessions. 
  • Time to brief/debrief – the Novice group and the Advanced group always have a run group between them to allow you to spend time with your student and not have to rush to get in or out of your car for your sessions.
  • Lunch– we will have a cooler full of waters and provide lunch for you.

If you are interested in instructing with us please email for further information or inquiries.

Levi Barnes

JTI Chief Driving Instructor


The Just Track It Instructor Training Program