The Just Track It Instructor Training Program is the culmination of more than a decade of instructor education and is certified by the Motorsport Safety Foundation as a Level 2 ITP. Our curriculum is one of the most extensive available with feedback and implementation from some of the most experienced mentors in the country.

The Training Program consists of two separate weekends, both required for Level 2 certification.

  • Weekend 1 – Classroom/Student: Curriculum is taught in a classroom setting and implemented on track with senior instructors present to oversee the process. Candidates are carefully paired with a student driver to immediately put into practice what they are being taught. This training method allows candidates to become proficient with the tools they gain before being tested through roleplays.
  • Weekend 2 – Mentoring/Roleplays/Drills: A myriad of graded roleplays are executed and evaluated by multiple senior mentors (in their cars) who objectively assess the candidate on their ability to identify, instruct, and control various student personalities. Relevant drills are also performed throughout the weekend both on and off track.

Senior mentors are present every step of the way to guide you through this instructing journey. But make no mistake as this is an action-packed program from start to finish. It is designed to test how candidates react and instruct under pressure. No doubt there are quicker, easier paths to certification but if you are seeking to become the best instructor available for your students, this program is the pinnacle of instructor training.


  • Pre-approval through a check-ride or at least consideration from a notable Chief Instructor – Though a check-ride is not always required, it is HIGHLY recommended. This is not so much to assess your ability as it is to identify any areas that may give you difficulty throughout the program.
  • Advanced driver with a minimum of 30 track weekends– In order to teach, you have to know and be able to explain/demonstrate. We have found this usually takes at least 30 events for most drivers with time spent in the advanced run group.
  • Excellent communication, prioritization, and time management skills – Effective communication is fundamental. Throughout the typical track weekend, an instructor can have a lot to manage. Time management between instructing, driving, and whatever else may present itself during an event is crucial. Demonstrating prioritization of your student over your own motivations is paramount.

Completion of the program DOES NOT guarantee certification. Candidates are evaluated throughout the program by a team of senior instructors who provide their objective review and recommendation for certification. We hold to the highest standards for curriculum and roleplays, as such, the objective assessment of candidates is vital to the success of the program and the quality of instructors that it produces. Just Track It reserves the right to deny entry or request a check ride at any point if there is concern from staff or mentors.

Please email us for any further information or inquiries about the JTI Instructor Training Program.

Levi Barnes

JTI Chief Driving Instructor


2023 ITP Classroom dates (roleplays can be held at most any event):

January 14-15 @ Barber Motorsports Park

April 29-30 @ Carolina Motorsports Park

July 15-16 @ Michelin Raceway – Road Atlanta

November 5-6 @ Roebling Road Raceway