PUTTING THE CLUBHOUSE IN CAR CLUB… Since 2010, this has been the mission statement of e3storage in Alpharetta, GA. The creation of Mark (Crimedog) McGriff and Clyde (Chill) Hill, e3storage has now been enabling the automotive hobby out of a ~13000 sf facility in Alpharetta, GA for nearly 10 years. Today it is home to the Just Track It #85 MX-5 and trailer.


In the past year e3 has added locations in Marietta, GA, Tucker, GA and Charlotte, NC.

The idea stemmed from the age-old issue of where to keep your trailer, track car, and all the tools you need to support the hobby… without upsetting the HOA! The founders decided to take the leap and initially rented 6000 sf in Alpharetta, almost immediately doubling that space, offering angle spaces for the casual storage member, larger garages, lifts and virtually all the tools you would need to build or maintain your car, truck or motorcycle.

“We started ‘e3’ to cater to the weekend track junkie and were surprised by the broad appeal and market need for a DIY shop for the car hobbyist” said Clyde Hill, a BMWCCA and HSR racer and long time HPDE instructor.

In the past 9+ years, e3 has stayed largely full, often with a waitlist and has worked to perfect the ‘secret sauce’ of a remotely managed, secure, and access controlled DIY space with systems and processes that have led to the success of e3,  allowing their members to ‘STORE RESTORE RELAX…. and RACE!’

“We have known Nabil and Brian for years, and Brian was one of our earliest e3 members. The idea of partnering with JTI just works and we are looking forward to supporting their events, their members, and to see how we can help each other and the hobby” said Mark McGriff, long time HPDE instructor. Mark is also owner and driver of the Road Atlanta landmark ‘Das Boose’, the e3 track home, usually seen around the Turn 1 skidpad area during BMW or HSR race weekends and HPDEs, and at Turn 9 at the Petit!

JTI + e3… is a match made in pitlane!

As part of the partnership between JTI and e3, JTI members will get a 10% discount on access membership in e3 so that they can enjoy the use of the facilities to keep their cars in top shape for JTI events.  In addition, if a JTI member needs storage, while e3 usually requires a deposit to be put on the waitlist, e3 will offer priority ‘no-deposit’ waitlist status to JTI members if we don’t have space immediately available. Just list your JTI membership on the ‘Contact Us’ form (https://www.e3storage.com/e3storage-locations/) on the e3storage website at https://www.e3storage.com/.

You can also visit e3 on their FaceBook page to see what they are up to:


JTI and e3 plan to offer more joint promotions in the future, and of course, JTI members are always welcome to spend time enjoying e3’s famous Das Boose hospitality (and rooftop viewing deck) any time you see them at the track and ask Clyde or Mark where the name came from… its actually a pretty funny story…

What’s next?  Clyde hints at the future of e3; “We look forward to leveraging the infrastructure and processes we have developed over the past 9+ years to expand, likely by helping operators bring other e3 locations online in the near future.”

Stay tuned. It’s going to get interesting and JTI is delighted to be a part of it!