Our newest sponsor is Corsa Crew. Founded by Joseph Thomas only a few years ago, Corsa Crew has grown quickly because of their amazing services and capabilities. Their goal is driver and racecar support at the track and off. You can find them in the paddock at Just Track It events offering general mechanical service to keep your car on track during the weekend. If your car is out for the count you can rent one of their preped track cars. Currently their fleet includes 2 Porsche Caymans and a Mini Cooper. Corsa Crew also has a vehicle storage facility close to Barber Motorsports Park. They have their own line of High Octane Coffee too and they brew it up for free for drivers at our events. This is a top quality provider and we at Just Track It couldn’t be prouder of our association with them. To schedule service or rent one of their track cars, contact Joseph.

Joseph Thomas

Corsa Crew, LLC


FB, Twitter, Insta – @corsacrewrace